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Sweet Slumber
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Another day spent indoors…


As Christians we are called to be like Lucy to the world; to step out in faith through a wardrobe and open our eyes to the Kingdom of God. To defend what we’ve seen and heard, though everyone around us, even our own families, think we are liars or lunatics. To stand by the lamppost and point to the wonders and joys of the gospel, to paint a picture with our words and deeds of the glorious love of Jesus.

Every day I want to be someone’s Lucy.

Lucy and Edmund from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” by CS Lewis drawn by my beautiful friend Jacqueline Kay, whose creativity amazes me.

instagram: @athenagracee

shot on the Fujifilm xT1 and edited with Julia Trotti’s London LR4 preset.


Understanding grace means we can hold loosely to all we have because we are being held onto by the One who will never let go to, and that is our God.

In the wilderness you may not be able to say, “my money,” “my resources,” “my gifts,” “my ability,” “my relationship,” but you’ll always be able to say "my God."

The Wilderness, Tim Chaddick


"It’s not that we WANT to reach people in this city, it’s that we HAVE to reach them. We need to be willing to do #whateverittakes, because in the end Jesus is worth getting people to. He just is. He rescues, He saves, He heals, He opens blind eyes, He sets the captives free, He makes the lame walk. He is worth it all.

Matt Sparks, “Authority to Forgive.” @anchorchurch, #GoodNewsToThePoor 


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